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Zu’s Grilled Chicken


Zu’s famous, delicious grilled chicken. Whole chicken marinated overnight in Turkish and Mediterranean spices, grilled and served with salad and Zu’s sauces.

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Don’t delay, try Zu’s famous grilled chicken today! Our butcher will only choose the best chickens, not baby-sized but larger, roaster size, so you get more for your money! These are then marinated overnight in our special Turkish and Mediterranean spices. Grilled to perfection! Regular size is half a chicken, which is cut into 5/6 pieces. Large size is a full chicken cut into 10/12 pieces. Served with salad and Zu’s sauces.

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  1. Chicken was nice and well cooked & juicy. I like your chilli sauce. Thanks

  2. Thank you Subhan. It was a pleasure to serve you. Hope to see you again soon.

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